Mass Ave vs. Route 128

As a jobseeker, I’ve found that about 8 out of every 10 writing jobs are located in the suburbs, usually in Burlington or around Route 128. The idea of driving a half hour *out* of the city to get to work feels a little depressing, not to mention expensive and carbon-heavy. Isn’t is supposed to be the other way around? Aren’t the suburbanites supposed to be coming into the city to work?

I’ve been wishing there’s some way to repurpose these gaping retail spaces into affordable office space with shorter leases, luring businesses back to the city and providing more jobs right here in the city. I know, crazy.


3 responses to “Mass Ave vs. Route 128

  1. A little “carbon heavy”? You do realize that if you chose to work at home, the extra power to your lighting and computers would probably be comparable to the energy of a 10 mile drive. Computers draw up to 1,000 watts now… I commend your wanting to reduce carbon emissions, but everyone seems to believe that electricity is magic and only automobiles produce pollution.

  2. If he drove to work, he’d have a computer at his office. So working from home, or walking or taking the T to a job in the city, does save energy.

  3. Yeah, not really understanding the logic of the first comment.

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