All Day I Dream About Storefronts

Adidas store mass aveThe Adidas boutique on Mass Ave in Harvard Sq is gone, and I’m not sorry. There, I said it. To me, it’s always been a symbol of everything corporate, overpriced, and overly shiny about what Harvard Square has become. The old photo store Ferranti Dege next door left a big hole, as did the sweet children’s boutique Calliope. Harvard Square did not need an overpriced shoe store, but what is going to take its place?

What was this storefront before Adidas – anyone know?
Of course it was the famous music store Briggs & Briggs. Thanks!


4 responses to “All Day I Dream About Storefronts

  1. Adidas seemed to always have trouble shoveling the sidewalk outside their store after snow. They were the only one on that stretch who had such trouble. Glad to see them gone and hope there will be a more friendly neighbor taking their place.

  2. That Adidas store always annoyed me when I walked by it on my way to work. Naomi Klein’s No Logo inevitably came to mind. But then I moved, and missed the happy news that the store has closed. I am trying hard not to be cynical about what will open there next. Or maybe you already know?

  3. Rekha, I just noticed today that a TD Bank is going into this space. Not that Harvard Square needs another bank, but at least it will be occupied.

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