Rodney’s Bookstore is closing

This one is really depressing. I love Rodneys. I love it for so many reasons – not only do they have one of the biggest and best collections of used books in the area, they also have an amazing selection of new books, toys, posters, and most importantly, kids books. Rodneys is one of the few kid-friendly retail destinations left in the neighborhood. And it is a destination, about as much fun to go to as the park for my daughter.

Apparently, they will be open through the summer. Everything is 50% off. Come fall, Central Square will shed a collective tear.

UPDATE: Rodney’s is most definitely NOT closing. When asked why, the terse clerk responded that the “city stepped in.” He clearly did not want to discuss it,  so does anyone else have the story?


4 responses to “Rodney’s Bookstore is closing

  1. Yeah, I saw this the other day and I was so bummed. But some unrelated (but Mass Ave related) good news is that Canteen (old Friendly Eating Place location) is finally open!

  2. say is aint so. those two floors encompassed so many amazing nooks and crannies.

  3. I was at Rodney’s a week ago. They are definitely closing but are also getting new inventory in. Everything is discounted and they say they’ll be open through the end of the year.

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