Central Square to get a Target in 2017

photo-4Cort Furniture on the corner of Pearl Street and Mass Ave will become a Target sometime in 2017. But don’t fret the big box invasion exactly – this will be one of Target’s new CityTarget stores, smaller and more focused on the urban consumer.

I can’t help but worry that some longtime Central Square institutions like Economy Hardware and Pill Hardware might suffer with the new competition. What do you think? Is this a boon for Central Square or just another nail in the coffin in Central Square’s economic diversity?



2 responses to “Central Square to get a Target in 2017

  1. The Target just opened last week! Have you been yet?

    • I did see it! I have very mixed feelings about it – love some of the offerings but wish the grocery section was smaller. I’m concerned about the impact it will have on the Harvest Coop.

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