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Central Square to get a Target in 2017

photo-4Cort Furniture on the corner of Pearl Street and Mass Ave will become a Target sometime in 2017. But don’t fret the big box invasion exactly – this will be one of Target’s new CityTarget stores, smaller and more focused on the urban consumer.

I can’t help but worry that some longtime Central Square institutions like Economy Hardware and Pill Hardware might suffer with the new competition. What do you think? Is this a boon for Central Square or just another nail in the coffin in Central Square’s economic diversity?



OMG Boomerangs in Central Square

Have you been to the new Boomerangs that just opened in Central Square where the Attic once was? (563 Massachusetts Ave)

Go. Now.

Not only do your purchases support the AIDS Action Committee, but it’s shaping up to be a Central Square institution.

Treasures. Clothing. Furniture. Local Central Square celebrities (such as the “guy with the fence” on Brookline and Franklin, aka my neighbor).

Last week I found an unused full cowhide for $5 that I used to patch our leather chair.

Also, make sure you check out the stairway to nowhere and the old air conditioning sign that used to be the wall for the Central Square Movie theater that was most recently a Blockbuster video.

Happy Mass Ave: Artist & Craftsman Supply

Sure, there are plenty of banks in Central Square, but where do you go for things that are actually useful, like drawing pads, paint, and toys?

Artist and Craftsman Supply is hands down one of the best shopping destinations in Central Square – hell – in CAMBRIDGE. Not only do their art supplies blow the pants off of other art stores, like the now mercifully shuttered Pearl, they have actual, awesome toys.


Maybe you don’t care about toys, but I do. And my daughter sure as shakes cares about them. And not just any toys mind you, but interesting, well-crafted, often eco-friendly toys that make great gifts for, I don’t know, birthday parties and as a reward for going potty on the actual potty itself.

They have a ton of more grown-up toys, just in case the kid scene isn’t your thing.

Please go in and support them, or just say hi. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful, which might just be in part because the store happens to be worker-owned.

Oriental Dynasty Furniture is closing

Another venerable member of the old Mass Ave furniture row is closing. This time it’s Oriental Dynasty Furniture, which sold new and used Asian furniture and home accessories. I sensed the end was coming a few months back when I saw the “Now taking consignments” sign in the window, followed by a permanent sale sign. That and almost every other furniture store on the block has closed (closely watching Bo Concept and Crate & Barrel now).

Please excuse the lame photo. I am now working full time far, far from Cambridge and can’t get over to photograph that often. Or post for that matter!

Have any tips or photos you would like me to post? Let me know: lotuspadyoga [at] gmail [dot] com

Rodney’s Bookstore is closing

This one is really depressing. I love Rodneys. I love it for so many reasons – not only do they have one of the biggest and best collections of used books in the area, they also have an amazing selection of new books, toys, posters, and most importantly, kids books. Rodneys is one of the few kid-friendly retail destinations left in the neighborhood. And it is a destination, about as much fun to go to as the park for my daughter.

Apparently, they will be open through the summer. Everything is 50% off. Come fall, Central Square will shed a collective tear.

UPDATE: Rodney’s is most definitely NOT closing. When asked why, the terse clerk responded that the “city stepped in.” He clearly did not want to discuss it,  so does anyone else have the story?

Empty Mass Ave in the Harvard Crimson

Our little blog got a mention in today’s Harvard Crimson, which we thought was pretty cool.

I was excited to hear that “many of the businesses whose closings are documented on Downey’s blog already have been or will soon be replaced.” Great news!

Apparently there are plans to demolish the old Bowl & Board and replace it with a new construction (wonder if it will include retail?), and certainly the old Adidas/Briggs & Briggs store seems to be getting some action. But I would love to know the plans for many of the others, including the old Alpha Omega store, and the row of empty storefronts that run from about Trowbridge Street to Dana Street (the old furniture row), ans especially the many large storefronts in Central Square.

Comment, HSBA?

Hollywood Express Central Square RIP

After I wrote my initial post on HE, I cancelled our Netflix and rejoined Hollywood Express. My timing was impeccable. They will be very, very missed.

Update: This location has merged with its sister at 1740 Massachusetts Ave.

[Thanks @hannanimal for the photo)